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The Story continues...

with WONDERFUL new FAMILIES for Our Puppies !!

Pups born 12/24/09 Have Gone to Their New Homes

as of February 2010

(4 of them now live in Texas!)



New photo Simon's sent of their handsome Bjorn-11 weeks

Photos of Pups and Going Home

(We appreciate ALL of you SO much!!)

Boone, is in training and will be a great retriever for Andy! Boone, Andy, and Dana make a great team!

Sydney is very happy at home with Steve, Tonya, Kelsie & Zach!

Thomas andDuke look forward to great hunts together! Stoeger will be a wonderful hunting companion for Tate,

and a fun pet for Shaina and the kids.

David and Lori are very happy with their sweet & smart Pudge! David and Kathy have great plans for Bjorn!

Steve and his family are very happy to have Maui and she loves them, too! (she also love's Joppa's tail! :)

Henry is the center of attention in his new family- He will be getting lots of love from Bryan, Jen, Xander, Olivia, and Nash!

JAZZmine is our own new pup-full of mischief, but learning fast-she's a sweetheart! -

She and Henry will enjoy playing together on a regular basis!

Rainbow Litter

Charlotte had her 9 Beautiful pups on Christmas Eve!

Charlottes's pups:

1 Black, 6 Chocolates, and 2 Yellows

6 males and 3 females overall!

We are thankful that they will all have loving and happy homes to go to.

Pups' new families will be enjoying them in many capacities...loved family pet, hunting companion, and field trial competitons-

it will be fun to watch them grow in their new environments, and we look forward to keeping in touch.

Ready to go home - Valentine's Day 2010 Weekend!

Our next litter is being planned for around the end of 2010-early 2011

(Please feel welcome to call or email for additional information)

(Hope you enjoy these few journal entries made during our 2009 litter)

2/27/10 -Pups have all gone home now except Henry...we're puppy-sitting for a little longer. Our JAZZmine is very thrilled about that! They are growing so fast-Henry weighed in at 21+ lbs and JAZZ at 16 lbs on Friday, the 26th.

2/20/10 - Pups are sleeping through the night now.

2/3/10 - Pups enjoyed being outside for longer than ever before...between lunch and dinner. They played and played. They get cuter everyday.

2/2/10- Pups were outside again today...thankfully the snow is mostly gone where they play, so they were happier, frolicking as usual. Ben took more pictures of them outside, so be watching for those. They played for awhile in the snow on the trailer-happy times! He passed them through the window to have their feet washed, and snuggled into their nice clean bed for a nap. That was at 3:45 and their still asleep over an hour later...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

2/1/10-We enjoyed a visit from several of our pups' new families over the past week. They are all great! And to those out of town, we certainly look forward to your visit as well. We are extremely happy that our pups will be going to such nice homes. (helps with our separation :( -starting to miss them already.) Pups got to play in the snow a little this morning after their breakfast. They got along just fine, but were happy to get back to their warm bed after about 10 minutes. :) Mom is doing a nice job of weaning them, and they seem to be adjusting nicely.

1/26/10-Chocolate male owners, you're in luck-our son got a new camera and wanted to try it out....remaining chocolate males to be selected are pictured separately and lots of shots together, so you can make preliminary picks, then verify in person.

1/25/10-Pups went outside to play for the first time today. They were very good puppies, and had fun. They were all weighed (1/24) last night -range from over 7 - 8.5 lbs at 4 wks and 3 days. Added a few random photos.

1/24/09-"Henry" has been selected after much deliberation...such good pups...makes a really tough decision! You can find his name in the portraits below.

1/22/09-Pups are growing beautifully and are very friendly, happy pups...they are eating baby dog food a couple times a day now, and mom feeds in between. All are well and wrestling, chewing on toys and drinking water from their bowl. They wag their little tails so cute when they see us. Their little "house" is working beautifully...Pups weight ranges from just under 6-7lbs now. Hope you enjoy our added photos and 4 week old "puppy portraits" below...

1/11/10-Pups will move to phase 2 home today- a fantastic indoor pen made by Art, designed to encourage potty training right from the start, and at the same time allowing mom to get to them when she needs to as we begin the weaning process soon. Works great!

1/10/10-Pups are growing so fast- mom eats and drinks constantly, but has no problem keeping up with them. Pups are all over 4 lbs, many close to 5 lbs.

1/09/10- Pups are playing and walking on all 4 feet. So cute!

1/08/10-Pups opened their eyes today @ 2 weeks-right on schedule!



Please enjoy our PHOTO GALLERY below

(And stay tuned....pictures will be changing as pups grow...)

Each Puppy's "baby book" will have a lot of these photos for you to take home

Generally, the most recent pictures are on top ; )

Final Portraits-6 weeks










2/3/10-Maui says, "Should we go or shouldn't we?" Bjorn says, "Let's watch Boone and JAZZmine first to see if they make it." Everyone agreed.

Left photo(Maui on the lower step. On top from left: Duke, Bjorn, Sydney, Pudge, Henry, Stoeger) Right photo-(JAZZmine on right, Boone close to Charlotte).

2/3/10-What a Face! "Maui" "HENRY" on lower step, "BJORN" & "PUDGE" looking on.

"SYDNEY" on the move! Beautiful "SYDNEY's" Family came for a visit! 2/5/10

2/2/10 "BOONE"

2/2/10 - Maui, SYDNEY,& BOONE in front Fun in the snow plus a little synchronized wagging :)

Very handsome "PUDGE" Proud "DUKE" on the middle right

"Bear" and "Maui" (choc female-7th born) making friends...1/29/10

4 photos below taken for selection purposes

1st born - Chocolate Male - "BOONE"

5th born-Chocolate Male "STOEGER"

4th Born- chocolate male - "DUKE"

9th born-chocolate male -"BJORN"

1/26/10 - All group shots of the 4 pups below are in birth order:

1st - blue(Boone), 4th -green(Duke), 5th -yellow(Stoeger), 9th -lavender(Bjorn)

4 of 5 choc males-("Henry" not pictured here-these were taken for selection purposes)

Pups will be going home on Valentine's day weekend!

What a great life they will have!

Charlotte playing with youngest chocolate male "Bjorn" (9th born-lavender) - 1/25/10 - 4th Born pup- "Duke" (green neck band)

Beautiful boy! - (9th born)... "Bjorn" 1 /25/10 .....Has a Beautiful Mom! "Charlotte"

1/23/10-Olivia with "Henry"

Yellow female "JAZZmine" 1/22/10 1st Born -"Boone" drinking from water bottle

Pups eating from muffin tin - 1/22/10 -so far this works really well - (2/2/10-didn't last long :)

(color bands are on chocolate males)

Clockwise beginning at top left: Pudge, Henry, JAZZmine, Duke, Stoeger, Maui,

Sydney, Boone, Bjorn

1/22/10 - "PUDGE" with choc-?

Puppies are so cute...busy playing -4 weeks old

(note: background noise is the clothes dryer-takes a lot of washing to keep these little guys clean,

especially after we transitioned from newpapers to towels where they sleep! :)

PUDGE & STOEGER playing-1/20/10

Puppies at play-1/20/10

Puppies getting sleepy-1/20/10

Puppies -1/20/10

Puppies snuggling down-1/21/10

Puppies get a second wind-1/21/10

4 week old portraits1/21/10

(VERY SLEEPY BABIES-woke most of them up to take photo :)

First Born-Chocolate male-4 weeks - "BOONE" (Blue collar) 2nd Born-Yellow female - "JAZZMINE" -4 weeks

       3rd Born- "HENRY"- 4 weeks (orange collar)                            4th Born-Chocolate male-4 weeks "DUKE" (green collar)

5th Born-Chocolate male-4 weeks "STOEGER" (yellow collar) 6th Born-Black female-4 weeks - "SYDNEY"

7th Born-Chocolate female-4 weeks- "MAUI" 8th Born-Yellow male-4 weeks - "PUDGE"

Last, but not least..9th Born-Chocolate male-4 weeks. "BJORN" (lavender collar)




1/9/10-We of course recycle the paper continually...and got a chuckle from the headline at the top when we noticed it.

Charlotte would most likely like to add a few words about all the "jobs" - ha!


Just when you think they can't get any cuter...well... just look at them now!!!

2 week old portraits1/8/10

(Eyes opened 1/8/10)

1st Born-Chocolate male-2weeks

2nd Born-Yellow female-2weeks

3rd Born-sleepy Chocolate male-2weeks

4th Born-Chocolate male-2weeks

5th Born-Chocolate male-2weeks

6th Born-Black female-2weeks

7th Born-Chocolate female-2weeks

8th Born-Yellow male-2weeks

9th Born-Chocolate male-2weeks

Grandma loves when Charlotte has babies! 2weeks

"My how they've grown!" says Charlotte...2 weeks

Mom working to keep them clean 1/4/10 (1wk & 3 days)

Charlotte loves her roly-poly babies :) - 1/4/10 (1wk & 3 days)

Xander takes helping with new puppies very seriously! 1/2/10 Olivia does a great job helping with our Jake and the puppies, too


First individual puppy photo shoot - 1 week old -

Pups have doubled their birth weight in photos below

1 week - weights ranged from 2lbs. 3oz to 2lbs. 8oz.

                                                                                                                                                      1st Born-Chocolate Male                          2nd Born - Yellow Female

                                                                                                                                         3rd Born - Chocolate Male                                                      4th Born - Chocolate Male

5th Born - Chocolate Male 6th Born - Black Female

7th Born - Chocolate Female

8th Born - Yellow Male

9th Born - Chocolate Male


9 Puppies -1 week old

First trip to the Vet 12/29 for dew claw removal- 5 days old -they were very good babies and got an excellent report!

3 days old and Stickin' together!

3 days old

Mom is Resting peacefully now....1 day old

We not only emphasize the importance of a pup's bloodline, but also the great value in a healthy beginning, mixed with the very important socialization for each pup. We think it's the individual attention to each and every pup that makes us stand out from many of the others!

We have now bred our beautiful dam with an excellent sire. These pups are from great bloodlines like: NFC, 2X NAFC SUPER CHIEF, GMPR Sir Hershey of Surrey, and Candlewoods Mad Mouse.

Also in their pedigree are names like .....Trumarc's and Kellogg's

We feel our pups have the same potential as their great ancestors! And even better than that, both parents have a gentle nature, and respond very well to obedience -

Chief and Charlotte's babies will want to please you, because that's how they are!!!





If you are looking for an extremely healthy, well behaved pup with prominent National Field Champions, GMPR, Master and Senior Hunters in their Pedigree, then you should be very pleased with our puppies.


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