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...Welcome to our 2016 Puppy Page...
Featuring Jazz and Flynn....Again...
(They usually have their pups at the end of the year,
but we bred early, and will skip the winter breeding)

For information on Parents...

We have one little pup...an absolute JOY and is so beautiful!

Born June 12th....
Her name is "Willow" 
(she is spoken for)

We invite you to follow Willow's progress below in the journal, followed by pictures ...
[journal entries will be most recent at bottom of journal list, while photos will be most recent at top of photo section]

Many know of the special work that needs to be done when a pup has no litter...we can and will do it! 
But in the meantime, are looking HARD for a newborn pup to raise with her, so she can grow and develop naturally in a litter.
We Found her and brought her home on 6/23/16...Cotton!!!...a real cutie, born only 1 day earlier than Willow...we are thankful for her!


Cotton (Lucy) and Willow- 3 weeks

6/12/16Pups were born in the evening.  Jazz did a great job, with no particular trouble...the sad part was when the little boy who was to be the 'firstborn,' was a breech pup, too far up in the birth canal to retrieve in time.  By the time Jazz was able to push him down and out, he was gone...then came our little bundle of "Joy" (Olivia's first name for her) 45 minutes later! A few days later, her new family named her "Willow": ).  She was born without a hitch...at just under a pound.  She was breathing great from the time we first saw her...no coaxing or aspirating needed...such a relief!  Her color is dark yellow.  She is a beauty!  Mom and pup are doing great!


6/15/16- Willow is growing nicely...her first 'littermate,' "Bear," keeps her working hard...wrestling for the best milk spot!  She snuggles with him, and he continues to give her a hard time.  One of the things we do to help pup begin to cope with frustration at an early age- something that is automatic in a litter.

6/18/16Pup got her "newborn" portrait today at 6 days old. Such cuteness! We continue to help "Bear" challenge her at the 'dinner table'...she whines, groans, and makes her way right back to her favorite spot. 

6/24/16Finally a sister at 2 weeks! 
"Bear" moved away from the 'dinner table'... making room for little Cotton. Jazz accepted her beautifully!

6/24 & 6/27/16- Cute Pups! Like they were together from the start!;  They are devouring their first food!



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